The annual meetings of the American Economic Association were held in Chicago from January 6-8. The AEA offers webcasts of a number of popular sessions, often panel discussions or prominent lectures in which the discussion should be reasonably accessible to nonspecialists. A sampling of these webcasts is below; a full list of the available webcasts from the meetings is here. If you would like to hear actual economists of differing views talk about issues, with enough time for sentences and even paragraphs rather than just soundbites, these webcasts offer a nice starting point.

Brexit: Six Months Later (Panel Discussion)
Presiding: Olivier Blanchard
Jonathan Portes
Andrew Lilico
Karl Whelan
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Nobels on Where is the World Economy Headed?
Presiding: Dominick Salvatore
Where in the World Is the World Headed? Angus Deaton
Seeking Political Keys for Economic Growth Roger Myerson
How the Left and Right Are Failing the West Edmund Phelps
Economic Risks Associated with Deep Change in Technology Robert J. Shiller
New Divisions in the World Economy Joseph E. Stiglitz
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AEA Richard T. Ely Lecture: The Economist as Plumber: Large Scale Experiments to Inform the Details of Policy Making
Esther Duflo, introduced by Alvin E. Roth
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Economic Issues Facing the New President (Panel Discussion)
Presiding: Greg Mankiw
Jason Furman
Glenn Hubbard
Alan Krueger
John Taylor
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AEA Presidential Address – Narrative Economics
Robert J. Shiller, introduced by Alvin E. Roth
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