The Soho Forum \”features topics of special interest to libertarians, and the series aims to enhance social and professional ties within the NYC libertarian community.\” For the rest of us, lwhat\’s interesting is that they host regular and lively debates, a number of them on topics related to economics, and then post video and podcasts. Here are some of the recent tussles that caught my eye–more are available at the site. I\’ve written down the debate resolution, the names of the participants, and the date, with a link to the video:

“All government support of higher education should be abolished.\”

Bryan Caplan vs. Edward Glaeser
May 14, 2018

“Fifteen million able-bodied adults on government welfare would have a better chance at economic betterment if they were taken off welfare.\”
Tarren Bragdon vs. Neera Tanden 

December 11, 2017
The U.S. government should unilaterally abolish all tariffs and duties on imports and all subsidies to exports, thereby making all reciprocal trade agreements with other countries unnecessary.\”
Don Boudreaux vs. Rick Manning

\”The U.S. government should offer a Medicare-like plan that would be available to all Americans buying health insurance.\”
Paul Starr vs. David Goldhill
September 19, 2017

[My only complaint is that it would be nice if the Soho Forum would also post transcripts, for those of us who prefer to read rather than watch.]

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